Wedding Videography

Creative Weddings offer a fresh and artistic approach to wedding videography, capturing stunning and vibrant memories with High Definition (HD) technology for stunning picture and sound quality.

Wedding videography is just as important as the photography, after all they go hand in hand, forming the basis of the couples memories for years to come. Video captures the emotions, the vibrancy, the excitement of the big day.

You must remember the day goes at a 100 miles an hour, so you are bound to miss out on some moments as you get carried along on a whirlwind!

Using a minimum of 2 High Definition cameras (BluRay quality) we make sure that this doesn’t happen – Groom/Bride preparations, guest arrivals, groom waiting for the bride, bride arrival – all really important parts of the day that you don’t get to see… as well as the guests having a great time enjoying the day!

All the filming is carried out in a very unobtrusive way, as no one likes the idea of being filmed, the best film is when people don’t realise they are being captured! The whole idea is to provide a ‘fly on the wall documentary’ for you, edited to music that you provide.

You’ll be invited to come and watch a draft edit, so that you can make any alterations you wish – which means that we can offer 100% satisfaction in the end result!

BluRay copies can be provided on request.

Never underestimate the importance of having a film made of your wedding day, all the hard work and money that goes into organising and staging a wedding, there is no better way than to look back on it in years to come.

For prices and packages please contact Linda and Adrian who will happy to arrange to meet you and talk you through the whole process and answer any questions also put any concerns to bed!